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Community Matters

Engage with Your Community

PR Community Solutions will be an upcoming community center located in the North Houston Metropolitan area and will offer spiritual counseling, food pantry, clothing, and other resources to the community. Our goal is to serve more people and expand our outreach program. Join us in taking part in, activities, and special events, while developing and cultivating spiritual and Christ centered good values and skills that lead to positive behavior in all our members.

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Community Resources

Thin Air

A book about what the Bible says about transforming your life offers timeless wisdom and guidance that can inspire personal growth, resilience, and spiritual fulfillment.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Value 1 - The importance of being fruitful.

  • Value 2 - How special you were created. DNA says you are the only you.

  • Value 3 -  Spirits persuade and control the choices we make.

  • Value 4 -  Homosexuality is a spirit.

  • Value 5 - The difference between men and women.

  • Value 6 - GOD is love, and He has the power to change hearts.

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