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Elder Paul Roberts

Operations Manager/Author


The Executive Director/Author

My name is Elder Paul Roberts. I gave my life to Christ and was called to the ministry in October 1983. I currently serve as the assistant pastor at the Greater First Church of God in Christ, where Superintendent Eugene Hamilton Sr. is the pastor. I have been a member there for over 39 years. I have 40 years in the ministry, 2 years of bible seminary, and 34 years as an ordained elder.

I was inspired by God to write this book because seeing and hearing the morals of this nation get worse and worse and our government making laws that we know go against the word of God stirred up my spirit. I decided to write a book to express my opinion about what the Bible has to say about same-sex relationships.

I am certainly not gay bashing, though, so people may see it that way, but I am simply trying to humbly, honestly, and prayerfully help the LGTBQ community to understand that the Bible is the absolute authority on what is right and what is wrong and how we will be judged for the decisions we make concerning this physical body according to the word of God. Satan comes to confuse the minds of gay people to make them think that God made a mistake with their gender. God makes no mistakes, but MAN does by listening to Satan, and this is where purposeful mistakes and sins are committed! It is very clear to me concerning the bible that same-sex attractions are a choice and very wrong no matter what the government says. We must understand that the government does not have a heaven or hell to put anybody into, but GOD does. Homosexuality has a strong hold on many people but to those who want deliverance, GOD has the power and steadfast love to change your life and to destroy the desire to be gay because he has delivered so many people from the gay lifestyle God’s love is real because JESUS died on the cross for the sins of the whole wide world no matter how bad of a mistake you’ve made. With repentance, fasting and prayer the mighty GOD of heaven through his SON JESUS and the power of the HOLY GHOST are able to SET YOU FREE!!!    

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